D.I.Y. Plus Wills and Legal Planning

REGISTER HERE:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/diy-plus-wills-and-legal-planning-tickets

This workshop allows you to complete a Will, with guardian choices if needed, a Financial Power of Attorney, and a Health Care Directive, all with the help and guidance of an experienced estate planning attorney.

If you have already registered, please download the questionnaire that is bookmarked below. Review and complete as much of the questionnaire as possible BEFORE the workshop. You will get the most benefit out of our time together if you have thought about your choices in advance.

At the workshop, attorney Alice K. Dueker will make a short presentation about estate planning, and will discuss each of the documents we will be working on. With her help, everyone will complete their documents by filling in the blanks, with time to ask questions to ensure the documents accurately reflect your choices. After completing the documents, Ms. Dueker will lead you through the process of signing the documents, and participants will be asked to serve as witnesses for one another’s Wills. Ms. Dueker is a notary, and will notarize your Power of Attorney.

Please note the following:


1. In order to participate in the workshop, you will become a client of the Law Office of Alice K. Dueker for the limited purpose of completing these documents.
2. The documents you will be completing at the workshop are legally sufficient for basic estate planning. By participating in the workshop, you are getting the guidance of an experienced attorney to complete the documents. This does not provide a complete substitute for an in-depth, customized estate plan. If you want a customized plan, please contact the Law Office of Alice K. Dueker at alice(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)duekerlawoffice.com or (510) 542-2920. If you attend the workshop and then decide that you need a customized plan, you will be credited with the full cost of the workshop if you retain the Law Office of Alice K. Dueker within 12 months of the workshop.
3. The workshop provides a Will, a Financial Power of Attorney and an Advance Health Care Directive, as well as the relief of knowing that these documents are done. It does NOT provide a customized plan, probate avoidance, or detailed one on one advice. This is a group workshop, which by necessity limits the extent of individualized advice.
4. This is NOT a completely confidential process. This is a group event, open to the public. While we will respect your privacy and make an effort to create a private space for confidential questions, it is possible that information may be overheard or stated in public.