Life in retirement is fundamentally different, financially, than during one’s working life.  The opportunity to increase resources has largely ended, and the choices that are available have changed.  By Your Side can help you to understand public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid (MediCal in California) and what benefits are available, how to decide whether to accept Social Security benefits before reaching the full retirement age, and what obligations remain with the individual and how they might be funded.

If you do not have documents in place that help to protect your assets and plan for possible future incapacity, By Your Side can help you to get them completed.  If you need help managing day to day finances, By Your Side can help you to find someone to assist you, or to take over that responsibility.

If you are creating an agreement with family members to provide care, or are signing an entry contract with a senior facility, By Your Side can review the documents and ensure that you are receiving what you expect.

Afraid that a loved one is being taken advantage of?  By Your Side can help you to find useful resources and solutions.