There are lots of reasons why people don’t write a will, or create a trust.  Mostly, it seems morbid, time-consuming, expensive.  So when I tell people what I do, I often hear that this is an item on their to-do list, but one that stays there indefinitely.  I want to help move it off the list, and give you the relief brought on by knowing that you have taken steps to maximize your autonomy, protect your family, and make plans for the worst case scenario.  And I want it to be painless and relatively quick and reasonably priced.

To do this, I am now offering an alternative to the typical process of finding an attorney, filling out an extensive questionnaire, sitting in the attorneys office and then writing a big check.  I want to offer classes that help you to understand what it is you need to do, help you think through what you want to do, and then help you to complete the process so that, in the end, you have a complete set of documents and can breathe a sigh of relief as you cross one big item off of your list.

I was a law teacher for many years, so explaining what it is that the law can and cannot do is a big part of how I approach solving legal problems.  I want you to understand what you are doing, and why.  I also recognize that you want enough information to help you figure out what works for your family, without learning everything there is to know about the topic.  In addition, by engaging in this planning with others, you get to hear what other people are considering, and might develop new ideas about how to best plan for yourself.

In addition to teaching, I have been working with individuals and families to set up plans that meet their needs, and also working with seniors to determine how to manage the issues that arise as they age.  Bring your questions, experiences, and challenges, and we will work together to develop strategies.  Contact me at alicekdueker at gmail dot com or call 510-387-7321 to learn more.

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